In June 1960, a small group of Mackay dog owners gathered in Jubilee Park and took part in the very first obedience training class to be held in North Queensland.

Early in 1961, the Mackay Kennel Club agreed to adopt the obedience group and training classes were then conducted at the showgrounds. Monica Stewart, who now resides in Tasmania and still has strong links with the dog worlds, was largely responsible for the introduction of dog obedience into Mackay.

The first obedience Trial in Mackay was conducted in 1969 at Jubilee Park and 15 dogs were entered. By 1974, the obedience section had become so strong that moves were instigated to become a separate club.


Outside the Brisbane metropolitan area, the Mackay and District Obedience Club (MADOC) was one of the first country obedience clubs to affiliate with the Canine Control Council of Queensland in 1974.

The early MADOC participants if nothing else had great enthusiasm for this new venture and soon an enthusiastic and dedicated core of club members was established which has now been maintained for 33 unbroken years.

Over the years, the club has offered its members obedience, agility, jumpers and tracking training and  competition events.

The club regularly conducts demonstrations at fairs, schools, aged people's homes and other venues as requested to promote responsible dog ownership in the community and also show members of the public what you can achieve with your own dog.

In 2014, the club changed its name to Magpies Mackay and District Obedience Club in compliance with its long term affiliation with the Magpies Sporting Club.

The club has held its main training on a number of different nights and has now in 2017 moved to Monday nights for obedience and beginners agility training.  (See the Training Information page for current information.

The club currently runs obedience training on Monday nights for beginners to advanced handlers and dogs and advanced training on Wednesday nights and runs Agility and Jumpers training on Wednesday nights.  The introduction to agility is incorporated into classes on Monday nights as determined by the Club Instructors.