Wet Weather

Wet weather can cause conditions on the grounds to be unsafe or just too wet underfoot to enable training to go ahead. Additionally, alternate activities will be available for interested members ie: training videos and instruction sessions. In these circumstances, the procedure followed is detailed below.

Club officials will make a decision after an inspection of the grounds.  Advice on this decision will be available to members from 4.00pm on the Training Day in question.

As a general guide to members – If conditions are wet where you live, then its best to expect the conditions at the grounds to be similar.

The following procedure is in place:

4.00pm  |  Magpies Phone Hot Line (07 4965 6188) will be updated with information relating to dog training

Dog Obedience page on the Magpies website will be updated with the wet weather advice for dog training  (Make sure you check our club page and not the general Magpies wet weather advice).

Club officials will be available to take your call if you need to ring for further information.
Please ring the Officer in Charge of Training, Kirsten 0437 849 184

The following Criteria will be used to identify the type of activity that will be offered under the Wet Weather Procedure:

Category 1

General closure of grounds due to wet weather or grounds condition.

Category 2

Grounds are closed. Club House is open for lectures & social activities. Instructors not required.

Category 3

Training is on for those prepared to work in wet conditions. Instructors optional, please advise if attending.

(Grounds fees will be payable for Categories 2 and 3)

Cat I refers to common sense. Wide spread rain and saturated grounds.
Cat 2 refers to training videos, lectures training and discussions.
Cat 3 refers to those who do not mind getting their feet wet or having to transport wet dogs. 

The code system to be published in the Club magazine, wet weather flyers and posted on web site/s.